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Bosida 3-day trip to Shanxi on 14-16th September,2017

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     To award every employees effort in their work, enhance teamwork spirits and enrich their leisure time, all employees of Bosida went to Shanxi province for travelling on 14-16th  this month.
      In the trip, we visited 3 beauty spots, the Courtyard of the Chang Family, Mianshan Mountain and Ancient City of Ping Yao. These three spots are famous for both splendid natural scenery and old-line Chinese culture. Everyone was surprised by the beauty. They enjoyed the scenery and recorded what they saw by taking photos all along the trip . Some youngsters climbed to the top of one mountain and shouted loudly to the sky to relief the stress from lives and work, which is definitely a good move.
      Workers in the company dont have enough time to communicate other than the work time, so this is a good chance for them to know each other. Its also a good time for everyone to relax so that they can work with full passion and energy.



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