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All Bosida Employees went on a trip to the Phaeton Scylla Grassland

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On the occasion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company, all Bosida staff went to huanghuagou, Huiteng Xile grassland for sightseeing.

At 7 o'clock in the morning, all the staff gathered at the company's downstairs on time , and went to the Yellow Flower Valley scenic spot of The Phaeton Xile grassland, and began a happy journey of the day.

Huanghuagou is a winding valley at the western end of the Phaeten Xile grassland.This valley is the remains of an ancient glacier, which was formed during the earth's crust movement due to the distortion and fracture of the earth's surface.The valley is more than 10 kilometers long, with a depth of about 300 meters and a width of 100-200 meters, which is known as the huanghua Ditch outside the famous sichuan.Here both the nomadic grassland desolate style, and the beautiful scenery of jiangnan.The whole grassland, such as white clouds, blue sky, green grass, flowers, felt bag seat, cattle and sheep pieces, pastoral melodious, milk wine fragrance, together into a beautiful magnificent grassland customs. The most beautiful Huiteng Xile ,Drunk beauty Huanghuagou has become one of the famous tourist attractions in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, favored by tourists at home and abroad.

 This tour brings us not only relaxation after work, it is a tired and happy new experience, but also let us experience the company's "people-oriented" management philosophy and good atmosphere of solidarity and friendship.




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