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Trip of Ha Su Sea

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On August 14, 2015, Inner Mongolia Bosida technology co., LTD. All staff set off for the outskirts of Hohhot, sea resort, began  pleasant journey.
Ha, the sea is short for Mongolian nahallal WuSu sea, meaning the blackwater lake, is about 32 square kilometers of natural lakes.70 km away from Hohhot.Hubei as the daqingshan, east, south, west three sides surrounded by farmland and pasture.Ha, the sea is the natural lakes, "west lake" beyond the Great Wall.The surface area of 32 square kilometers, 2 meters water depth, bottom weeds, water quality is fertile, rich, silver carps, carp, grass carp, megalobrama amblycephala, wuchang fish, such as fish and shrimp, crab.Lake in the reeds breeding birds, volley takeoff hovering in the wide lake, formed a spectacular picture.Lake there is a reservoir and a fishery, spectacular landscape Settings for tourists by boat, and can taste fresh fish in the boat.Ha, resorts, lake and sea is equipped with a variety of tourism projects and facilities.
Ha, the sea is the Yellow River changes and legacy oxbow lake, is a big heihe river drainage outflow of freshwater lakes.The past has called TaoSiHao west haizi, commonly known as the son.The communist-held sea for the Yellow River, the Yellow River to the south in the development, form a two small head, large middle;The longest 9.5 km, the 5.3 km wide, an average of 3.1 km wide, long lake strandline 24. Ikm, autumn capacity is 5 billion cubic (25 ~ 3 billion cubic spring), lake basin lows at 988.5 m above sea level, bank high altitude of 993 m;The main rivers are the Yellow River water supply, m ditch ditch, west white stones.
Company colleagues here swept away from the pressure of life, work and tired, free to enjoy the scenery of nature, frolic in it.The administrative department of the same time, the company carefully prepared for you the location of the activities, food, and a variety of products, all free to choose the rich water activities.You want to bubble hot spring, karaoke, participate in the games, watching movies, and prepared food.
Enrich employees' spare life is booz of since its establishment perfect internal culture and standards, employees only mood to relax, in high spirit to make quality products and services, to better practice booz of "excellence, into the supreme good" corporate culture.   

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