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Bosida reached in 2015, the 10th China international (Shanghai) starch and starch derivatives exhibition

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 Bosida reached in 2015, the 10th China international (Shanghai) starch and starch derivatives exhibition

 In 2015, the annual event, starch industry the 10th China international starch and starch derivatives (Shanghai) exhibition in June 24, 2015 - June 26 at the grand opening of the Shanghai new international expo center.The Shanghai starch show total exhibition area of more than 5000 square meters, up 40% from a year earlier.Appeal from the United States, Germany, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions more than 200 exhibitors, enterprise leaders of stirring is undoubtedly the most powerful guarantee to attract professional visitors will follow.The three-day exhibition attracted 45333 related industries in the number of professional buyers, producers, distributors until the site visit to negotiate.
"Shanghai international exhibition of starch and starch derivatives" as the only direct from China starch industry association to participate in the organization of starch and starch processing in the field of professional exhibition, with its "clear theme, prominent features, pragmatic, innovative" consistent style, improve visibility and influence in the industry.The personage inside course of study already see it as a "understanding industry information, grasp market trends, show the enterprise brand, expand trade channels, to seek cooperation opportunities" the best platform.Show good results and won the praise of many exhibitors and visitors.Highest has become Asia's most authoritative and professional, the largest professional exhibition.Bosida of science and technology as a professional supplier of starch machinery, took part in the exhibition.
Exhibited during the fair, our latest research and development of RU series models for 1000/600 of the super file mill and RS1050 centrifugal screen group, at the same time also by boards, samples, multimedia and so on to the customer in detail introduced the development status quo of Bosida of various stages in the process of the potato starch production and equipment performance and technical advantage, with the customer is complete, modified starch, complete sets of engineering of potato starch, cassava starch complete engineering, sweet potato starch, wheat starch package engineering and so on has carried on the detailed technical exchanges.       
Through this exhibition, Bosida up to meet the large number of new customers from home and abroad, and further consolidate the relationship with old customers, establish a good image in the new and old customers, Bosida as better promotion of starch machinery laid a more solid foundation.

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