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Bosida attended 8th China Potato Expo in Beijing

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       The 8th China Potato Expo was held successfully in Beijing National Agriculture Exhibition Center on 30-31 March,2017. The Agriculture Trade Promotion Center. MOA.China and the CCPIT-Specialised Sub-Council of Agriculture are the main organizers of the Expo, and China starch industry association professional committee of potato starch and other 7 units are the co-organizers.The Expo aims to build a high-quality international trade-promotion platform to promote the cooperation and communication of the potato industry at home and abroad. The officer of the Department of Agriculture Mr. Ma attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. The whole exhibition area is about 5,000 ㎡, including comprehensive area, mechanical area and potato cate. The Expo attracted more than 20 main potato-produced provinces and districts, and over 130 exhibitors from 9 countries including Holland, French and Germany.


    The Expo lasts for 2 days. Except for the producing and processing equipment, technology and products, the Expo specifically set up potato food display area, showing potatos staple food. Seven technical conferences including China Potato Industry Development Forum were held during the show.

    Bosida Technology Co,Ltd took part in the show positively this year. After 8-year successive participation, we seized every opportunity that expo creates. We spare no effort to introduce our product and culture to every exhibitor and visitor through posters, specimen books and other promotional items. Our staff also communicate positively with visitors came to our booth to make them have a further understanding of our company. During the show, we have received lots of consultation and feedback from new companies and old clients. We believe that companies from China and foreign countries have a better knowledge of Bosida through the Expo. We will take this as a chance to improve our technology and service to meet our clients multiple demand.



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